The VEEMUltraskew is the latest in a series of highly successful propeller designs, manufactured using the latest robotic and CNC processes and finished to the highest possible standards of quality and accuracy.

VEEM’s pleasure craft and sport fisher designs are created using the latest C.F.D.(Computational Fluid Dynamics) technology and cavitation tunnel testing. These designs are then validated on full scale trial vessels.

The VEEMSurf propeller is the latest in surface piercing propeller design. It has been developed to meet the requirements of high speed planing vessels and features a cleaver-type blade profile, with hollow faced, wedge shaped sections, designed to optimise shock free entry, and hence provide smooth operating characteristics.

The VEEMStar-C® is the latest in high speed propeller design for high speed vessels which has evolved from the highly successful VEEMStar design.

The VEEMStar-LC® is designed exclusively for super-yachts and other medium speed vessels that simply require the ultimate in smoothness and efficiency.

The VEEMStar’s reputable performance is assisted by unique and advanced features including: efficient double ogival blade sections, variable pitch distribution, noise reducing blade tips, and cavitation resistant blade profiles. The VEEMStar offers outstanding blade cavitation control which results in increased performance, and improved smoothness.

The Hung Shen KCA-4B is a traditional propeller for fairly efficient operating speeds below 25 knots. The vibration and noise produced by this propeller for medium and high shaft inclinations is minimal.

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The NVP series propeller uses new-foil section, to increase performance and decrease sensitivity to the angle of attack created by an inclined shaft position.

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After ten years of research and development Hung Shen has created a line of propellers that acutely refines the performance levels of luxury yachts and patrol boats.

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The Michigan HX propeller is designed to accommodate the high horsepower needs of the pleasure and commercial boater.

The new Federal “Y” series propeller is a semi-custom series that offers many features and benefits of a full-custom propeller with the economies of series manufacture.

The MARLIN series is the result of a major R & D Program undertaken with Maritime Research Associates LLC (MRA), MTU Detroit Diesel, and the Maritime Research Institute of the Netherlands (MARIN).