Services We Offer

Propeller Dynamic Balance

At Olympic Propeller we offer our customers the choice of Dynamics Research 602 Multi-Plane Computerized Dynamic Balance System, or the industry standard vertical plane Static method, using top of the line sealed mechanical bearing rollers, and solid tapered plug type straight shank arbors. A propeller may be in perfect static balance and still not in a balanced state when rotating at high speeds. To correct dynamic unbalance, the use of a true multi-plane dynamic balance analyzer is recommended.

Propeller inspection Service

At Olympic Propeller your propeller will be repaired using our Hale MRI High Resolution Analysis System to ISO Class 1 specifications as our shop standard. The Hale MRI system allows point to point position, blade segment analysis, and section plot graphs for the entire propeller. Upon completion of repair, easy to understand reports are printed, than presented to the customer.

Machine Shop Service

At Olympic Propeller We have the capabilities to rebuild and recondition worn and damaged Boat Shafts, in many cases back to original standards, for a fraction of the time and cost of replacement. Our team has the capabilities to rebuild your boat shaft to within +/- .0001 tolerances and specs. Let our expertise and service minded professionals save you time and money with our quick turnaround. Olympic Propellers Machine Shop has utilized Lathes, Milling Machines, Drilling Machines, Tooling, Grinding, Sawing, Plasma Cutting, and all types of welding. Applying specialized skills and knowledge to keep your boat running smoothly, when you choose Olympics Machine Shop for your propeller or shaft repairs, you know you will be receiving the finest service available.